Online Tuition for IB and IGCSE

Live online tutoring is when a tutor and student, who are not in the same, location teach and learn remotely. IB team of live online tutors is highly experienced, trained and qualified to deliver live online tutoring. Tutors have been carefully selected. Tutors provide chapter wise notes assignments sheet PPT’s and solved past papers to their students. Its more effective than face to face tuition, timings are flexible, all you need is internet connection and webcam. Service provided is similar to face to face tuition. Tutors motivate and encourage their students; proper record is kept of their learning progress, and results. Tutors work on the weak points of their students, proper deep and comprehensive explanation is given. Tutors help their students to apply thinking skills critically and creatively. They believe in making their students work hard with proper planning. Curriculum focuses to build confidence and result oriented system for students. They create interest towards the subjects in the minds of their students. Tutors explain same topic again and again and students are allowed to ask their doubts hundred times to improve student’s grades. They help in bridging the gap between what student is achieving and student has potential to achieve.

    IGCSE is the internationally most popular has worldwide status and credibility worldwide. IB tutorials have highly experienced and qualified network of tutors for IGCSE, they help students for exams by providing:
  • One on one interaction.
  • Chapter wise notes.
  • Proper explanation of every topic.
  • Solved past papers.
  • Chapter wise assignments.
  • Proper support and guidance.
  • Flexible timing.
  • Preparation is done according to latest syllabus.

    IGCSE online tutors teach following basic subjects:
  • English Language
  • English literature
  • Maths
  • Science

    They also provide combination of following subjects:
  • Art and design
  • Drama
  • Food technology
  • Geography
  • History
  • ICT (Information and communications technology)
  • Languages
  • PE
  • Religious studies

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