IB physics Online Tutor

The International Baccalaureate Organization (known as the IB) offers four high-quality and challenging educational programmes for a worldwide community of schools. IB Physics online tutors is the largest International Baccalaureate physics tutors with more than 500 qualified and experienced IB Physics tutors.

Students pursuing IB Physics have strong problem solving abilities and a good grasp of solving linear equations. These skills are accompanied by a strong understanding of the concepts in physics and the ability to apply them. IB Physics tutors help their students to apply thinking skills critically and creatively. Thousands of students have shown remarkable and noted improvement in their grades after taking classes from IB tutors.

IB Physics tutors assigns appropriate assignment sheets, provides chapter wise notes, encourage and motivates student to ask their doubts, brainstorming sessions are held to increase student’s knowledge accurate record of students’ progress is maintained. They provide guidance to the students as per their need and convenience.

IB Physics tutors can offer general or specific support in any area of Physics they can cover the syllabus from KS1 to GCSE, IGCSE, IB DP HL/SL, AP, AS, A levels and university and postgraduate level. Our physics tutors can also prepare students for any exam from SATs in year 2 to common entrance exams for independent private schools (11/13+) or even university entrance assessments.

IB Curriculum:

Higher Level Standard Level
Internal Assessment 20% Internal Assessment 20%
External Assessment 80% External Assessment 80%

    Salient features of IB Curriculum:
  • Available at Higher and Standard level.
  • Program is designed according to understanding level of students.
  • Students are assessed both externally and internally.

    Aims of IB Curriculum:
  • Develop an ability to analyse scientific information.
  • Develop skill to use current technology.
  • Provide opportunity for scientific study.

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