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International General Certificate of Secondary Education is a globally recognised qualification, taken at class 10 level. IGCSE encourages high academic standards through practical approach. Assessment is not only limited to written paper it also consist of variety of test oral or listening test. It is a flexible course of study.

IGCSE Mathematics encourages the development of mathematical knowledge, pattern helps students to build confidence by helping them develop feel for numbers, patterns and relationships, and place a strong emphasis on problem solving. IGCSE syllabus helps students in building there foundation in mathematics.

So to help you in IGCSE maths we have one of the most known academy, IB Global Academy provides IGCSE Maths. We help in IGCSE core maths, extended maths, international maths, and IGCSE Maths. Both online and home tutor service is provided to students. IB team has highly experienced, trained and qualified tutors. One to one customized tuition is provided to students. Our tutors are updated with latest syllabus. The main advantage with our tutors is that they have strong academic background and have good grasp on mathematics.

    Tutors follow the following scheme to improve the grades of student:
  • One on one online tuition.
  • One on one home tutors.
  • Help in assignment.
  • Teaching students according to their understanding level.
  • Exam oriented preparation.
  • Solved past years paper.
  • Proper guidance or assistance is provided to students.
  • Encouraging students to ask their doubts.
  • Make their students believe that with proper planning they can achieve their goals.
  • We provide question bank and notes to students.
  • Periodic revision test.

Thousands of students have shown remarkable improvement in their scores after attending IB Online tuitions.
Major Cities where IB Home Tuitions are available are: Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Online tuition is available worldwide.
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