IB & IGCSE Hindi Tutor

International General Certificate of Secondary Education is a globally recognised qualification, taken at class 10 level. IGCSE encourages high academic standards through practical approach. Assessment is not only limited to written paper it also consist of variety of test oral or listening test. It is a flexible course of study.

IGCSE Hindi helps students to gain an understanding how to use Hindi effectively in different situations and environments. Through their studies they can achieve a level of practical communication ideal for everyday use. The major goal of the academy is to improve fluency in Hindi. Hindi language is taught in 2 levels:

Level 1

In beginning students should get command over Hindi language, there pronunciation should improve, they should be able to read and write simple text. They should be able to communicate in Hindi in day to day life.

Level 2

After crossing level 1 in level 2 tutors will work on the skills developed in level 1 so you are perfect in Hindi language.

IB Tutors offers one to one session to students where they can communicate with student and can check there understanding level and what are their goals and expectations then according to that they prepare lesson plans based on their understanding level.

    Why to choose IB Global academy?
    Students of IB Global academy develop below 5 qualities in them:
  • Confident
  • Responsible
  • Reflective
  • Innovative
  • Engaged

    Course Aims for:
  • Develop the ability to use Hindi effectively.
  • Employment using Hindi as medium.
  • Developing writing, reading, and speaking Hindi skills.
  • Improving personality of students.
  • Improving communication skill of student so that they can communicate clearly and accurately.
  • Student can understand and respond to information correctly.
  • They can use proper use of grammar and punctuations

To check more about our Hindi tutors and syllabus you can on our website: http://www.ibglobalacademy.org/ib-igcse-hindi-tutor/