IB & IGCSE English Tutor

International Baccalaureate (IB) is a non-profit educational foundation offering highly respected programmes of international education and premier tutoring service; they provide online tuitions and also one to one tuitions to their students.

International General Certificate of Secondary Education is a globally recognised qualification, taken at class 10 level. IGCSE encourages high academic standards through practical approach. Assessment is not only limited to written paper it also consist of variety of test oral or listening test. It is a flexible course of study.

IGCSE English Syllabus enables students to develop an understanding about English they learn how to write and speak English accurately and efficiently. IB Global Academy tutors help students to write and speak English with correct grammar and punctuation. They help students to communicate in English effectively, efficiently, accurately, and confidently. Vocabulary and Pronunciations and students is improved and for this reading habit in students developed. They learn how to respond to text or media. The curriculum develops speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in English.

IB tutors are highly experienced, qualified, and specialised. They adopt different techniques to teach students on the basis of their understanding level.

    Academy help students in exam preparations by providing:
  • One to one online tuition.
  • One to one home tutors.
  • Help in assignments.
  • Teaching students according to their understanding level.
  • Exam oriented preparation.
  • Solved past years paper.
  • Parents are also kept aware of student’s progress.

    Following Things are also covered under English Syllabus:
  • Letter writing
  • Content writing
  • Articles and report writing
  • Public speaking
  • Giving response to media or text.

As in today’s world English has become one of the major language to communicate, and if your English is good you have a good scope in future for jobs and education, So IB Global Academy is one which prepares you for your future.
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