IB & IGCSE Economics Tutor

Economics is a vast subject it’s divided into 3 groups: Individual, societies and Economics. IGCSE Economics focuses theories of Microeconomics which deals with economics variables which affects firms and theories of macroeconomics of which deals with economic variables which affects countries. IB Tutors help students to learn how to deal with global issue, and what are their duties towards local, national and international level.

    Benefits of IB Economics Tutorials:
  • Provides tailored program according to the understanding level of students
  • Develops critical thinking skill in students
  • Promotes international economic awareness in students
  • Develops Decision power to distinguish between positive and normative economics.

Today the world is moving in fast pace and the level and standard of education is increasing day by day. So to meet the challenges child had be bought up in a right way, so that he or she can meet the challenges in the right manner, So we understand the vision, needs and requirements of students and according to that we plan our curriculum.

    Why to choose IB Global Academy?
  • All of our tutors are qualified, specialised and experienced.
  • They prepare lesson plans according to understanding level of student.
  • They ensure student’s progress.
  • They keep proper track of student’s progress.
  • They keep parents aware of student’s progress.
  • Chapter wise PPT’S are prepared.
  • Regular assignments are provided.
  • Periodic revision test.
    Course aims for:
  • Students should be able to demonstrate and understand facts, concepts, methods, techniques.
  • Students should be able to apply facts, concepts, methods and techniques.
  • Students should be able to analyse and evaluate researches, methods, techniques, primary, secondary data and scientific explanations.
    Our Curriculum is designed to develop below 5 qualities in students:
  • Confident
  • Engaged
  • Innovative
  • Reflective
  • Responsible

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