IB & IGCSE BusinessManagement Tutor

IGCSE Business management course is designed to develop student’s knowledge of business concepts and theories. Students learn how to analyse and interpret business activities from all sectors. The course covers key features of business functions like management, finance, accounts, marketing, planning, directing, controlling. It’s very important for students to understand present market situation and they should be able to apply business principles and theories in present environment, and how and when to apply business principles is taught to IB student’s. Skills like thinking critically, practically and ethically is developed in students. Business management students should know how and when to take decisions and what will be there impact, they should always be ready to accept changes positively.

    The aim of IB Global Academy is:
  • Students should learn how to think critically and strategically.
  • Students should learn to accept changes in positive manner.
  • Students should understand the importance of ethical and social factors.
  • Students should understand the importance of innovation.

IB Academy is one of the best tutorials in the world, IB tutors are highly experienced, qualified, specialised, and they provide result oriented tutoring services.

    IB Tutors develop following skills:
  • They acquire skills necessary to conduct inquiry and research
  • They learn how to take initiatives
  • They learn how to take ethical decisions
  • They learn how to communicate and express ideas
  • They act with strong sense of justice and respect
  • They become open minded
  • They become risk takers

    Tutors follow the following scheme to improve the grades of student:
  • Help in assignment.
  • Teaching students according to their understanding level.
  • Exam oriented preparation.
  • Proper guidance or assistance is provided to students.
  • Encouraging students to ask their doubts.
  • Make their students believe that with proper planning they can achieve their goals.
  • We provide question bank and notes to students.
  • Periodic revision test.

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