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International Baccalaureate (IB) is a non-profit educational foundation offering highly respected programmes of international education and premier Home tutoring service (face to face tuition). IB Curriculum is programmes which encourage both personal and academic growth of student. It helps student to excel in their studies and personal development.

IB Tutorials provide home tuition service; our tutors are professional and dedicated to mentor students under their care. You can avail one to one tuition for all subjects and levels. We have professional tutors for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Economics, Business management. Tutors also have experience in SAT Physics, AP Physics, AP Calculus, and IGCSE Physics, they also prepare students for SAT and SAT 2 entrance exam.

Home tuition are convenient for students and parents as there is no need to waste time in travelling, our tutors provide classes according to convenience of student. Our tutorial services are one of the most affordable tutoring programs available. Our tutors have helped thousands of students in improving their grades and score card.

Our Home Tutors help students in following ways:

  • They ensure that student understand concept in detail
  • They teach students according to their understanding level
  • They encourage student to ask their doubts
  • They provide past papers
  • They Prepare notes chapter wise
  • Chapter wise PPT’S are prepared
  • Regular assignments are provided
  • Periodic revision test

Now there might be a question in your mind why home tuition is required, reasons why it’s required?

  • A tutor can teach student concepts in depth and more in detailed which is not taught in school hours.
  • Getting home tutor means less travelling time as tutor comes at students home.
  • Tutor focuses on weak points of student and work on it properly.

Major Cities where IB Tuitions are available are: Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, and Bangalore.
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