IB home tutors in Karnataka the rescue path for every IB student in Karnataka

Every child studying International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum in Karnataka needs an additional help owing to the course demand. Children thereby have to go through a lot of assessments. We have essays and assignments on Theory of Knowledge (TOK), World Literature (WL), Individual Oral Performance (IOP), Extended Essay (EE), and Historical Investigation (HI), and so on along with their regular subjects, wherein a thorough coaching is a must. IB Global Academy is the solution for every IB student studying in Karnataka.

Why are IB home tutors in Karnataka, a best option-?

All the subjects are taught- IB home tutors in Karnataka give tutoring for all the IB subjects. Be it, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, and Psychology and so on. At IB Global Academy home tutors give every subject the allotted time as we are all experienced for all HL and SL subjects. The teachers carry on assessments to keep a check. Emphasis on TOK, EE, IOP, WL, HI and more are all set and done at IB home tutoring.

Teacher to student ratio- Owing to a one- one teaching, the student gets personal attention; the students are able to focus better. The tutor understands the child’s shortcomings and works more towards it. For example, when our Tutors of IB Global Academy finds that the child is weak in Extended Essay, he starts giving the coaching according to the needs of the student providing our in house developed technique and right skills to climb the ladder of success.

Building up the confidence level- When a child knows his matter well, there is a confidence level that rises within him. This in turn gives best results. IB home tutors in Karnataka is on a constant effort to develop personal relationship with the students in order to enhance their potential level. When the IB home tutors find the child struggling with IB Biology chapter, he immediately puts his front foot to give him the best knowledge and understanding. The child is happy that he knows his matter so well and gives excellent results.

Conduction of mock tests and appraisals- To give the right output, it is a must that the coaching may be done the right way too. IB home tutors in Karnataka rightfully do the needful. Thus at IB Global Academy, we provide specialized tutors with Past papers with mark schemes, specimen papers and mock test papers. Conduction of mock tests, assessments, appraisals for practice so that the student may excel in his examination. For instance, students often find it difficult to face Individual Oral Performance (IOP). IB home tutors in Karnataka take every assessments and mock interviews to put forth their best.

Flexibility of time- You can decide whether you want your IB tutors to come on weekdays, weekends, morning, evening or afternoon, you get the flexibility to do so.

IB Global Academy is the best option if you want your child to feel at ease with his studies. It is cost effective and you see your child studying right in front of you getting to know his strengths and weaknesses. You must contact your IB Global Academy home tutor in Karnataka for your child’s betterment.