IB Courses: A Ladder to Step Ahead of Competitors

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) is beyond its educational programs and credentials. It distributes a range of figures and statistics concerning the establishment's work. A number of IB courses are offered keeping in mind the altogether development and growth of individuals taking up these courses. Courses are of standard level (one or two years of study, subsequently the IB exam) or higher level (two years of study, trailed by the IB exam). Here’s a brief review about all the IB courses offered :

Each IB School is dissimilar, so the IB school you are at may not propose all of the IB courses. Nonetheless, these are all of the classes that IB makes a prospectus and test for. There are 56 classes (including HL and SL distinctly).

To obtain IB Diploma, you must pass all 6 categories. Scholars may elect to study an added science, individuals and societies, or languages course, in place of a course in the arts and must correspondingly complete the core, which comprises one extra class:

Theory of Knowledge / TOK: This course is a mix of Philosophy and Personal Evaluation. In this course, students replicate on the nature of knowledge and on how we know what we assert to discern.

To know more about the courses and specific subjects visit courses section. IB has demanding courses that institutions like to appreciate on high school records. The courses are the most difficult courses among all offered courses at this level and are outstanding of planning for college.